Plant propagation and plant stress expert

Sarah was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where she earned her BSc and MSc in Plant Biology with a focus on Horticulture, from Arizona State University. For her MSc degree she studied the effects of parking lot surfaces on tree growth. Measuring physiological variables on trees in parking lots under the Arizona sun has made her very familiar with plant stress. Sarah’s calling is plant propagation. She has extensive experience with large scale commercial plant propagation as well as greenhouse management. In 2009, she married a Canadian, moved to Vancouver, and landed at the UBC Botanical Garden, where she began to familiarize herself with the local flora. In 2012, Sarah began working on the AdapTree project as a research technician, where she maintains the project’s common garden experiments as well as manages the collection of the large amounts of phenotypic data the project generates. She does this with good cheer and excellent organization skills. Sarah is presently on maternity leave, but will be back in February 2014.